What is Supraliminal Solutions

Supraliminal Solutions was not a company but simply an idea. It was an idea that I put together and invested time and effort into it as a hobby. I eventually turned it into an LLC venture which was the worst mistake. Supraliminal Solutions was a company for two years strong until I decided that running a business at this point in my life simply wasn’t for me. To this day I am still using the Supraliminal Solutions brand not as a business venture but as a personal hobby. This website will contain all of my latest development work and ideas. If you have any comments or questions feel free to give me a shout on the contact page.

About Me

My name is Joseph Persie and I earned a Bachelors of Applied Science in Software Development. I currently work for a Startup Company in downtown Orlando called StartupMedia where I am the sole architect of database and API development. I am passionate about learning new open source technologies. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. If you're a coder, follow me on GitHub.