Stage 1 - Introduction

This stage of development entails introduction. We will become familiar with you and the concept you had in mind. Free of charge!


Stage 2 - Interview

This stage of development entails the interview. We will analyze and design a system and scope.

Design & Implementation

Stage 3 - Design & Implementation

This stage of development consists of design and implementation. We construct the project from scratch to suit your needs specified in the interview stage.

Follow Up

Stage 4 - Follow Up

This stage of development entails a structured walkthrough of the final product. We will perform a follow up of the project assuring all the requirements are met and the product is error free.


Stage 5 - Support

This final stage of development consists of providing our availability to any further questions or issues with the end product. Once a client, always a client!


Interactive Consultations

You don't know where to start besides throwing some cash at a developer and saying, "build me an application". The developers will glady take the cash and build something for you. You need to know what you are paying, why you are paying for it and how it will help your business. Supraliminal Solutions strives to offer opportunities and clarify the need for untapped solutions that will help your busines grow. It's important to elaborate to the client the benefits of the cutting edge technologies that will take their business to the next level.

Utilize Cutting Edge Web Technologies

In this day and age utilizing an application of some sort has become an essential operation of any business. The social networking frenzy has emerged and standardized throughout the last few years. Social media is an effective marketing tool, yet it is not enough to showcase your business while providing a sense of establishment to prospecting clients. The web has truly become the hub of both marketing and communication so it should be utilized as such. It is our duty to provide a tool our clients can use, such that this tool is efficient and reliable with ease of use.

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